'There in no mistaking the sureness 
of approach and febrile imagination 
in company director Simon Birch' 
Scotland on Sunday
Dancer: Anthony Middleton
Photographer: Steve Tanner
SHORELINE new work 2016
 Whether you live by it or make special trips to it we are all, deep down, connected to the sea, often without ever knowing why. Perhaps it is about being human, about our vulnerability against such changeable yet awe-inspiring environments or a desire for healing, transcendence and escape.
Shoreline is a dance performance like no other, exploring our mysterious connection to the sea. It is amphibious, danced in the water, as well as on the sand and rocks, to live choral music. It is a metaphor for the storms we all endure, the moments of tranquility we seek and the borders and boundaries we fear or dare to cross.
Shoreline is an ode to the coastline, and all that it means to us.
Shoreline premieres as part of SALT landscape/dance festival 2016, with performances at Watergate Bay (9th & 10th July), Sennen Cove (11th & 12th July) and Kynance Cove (13th & 14th July) - times of performances can be found on  the Shoreline & other projects page accessed via the navigation bar at the top of this page. Shoreline  is created in partnership with Dance Republic 2, Falmouth University and the National Trust and is supported by FEAST Cornwall and Arts Council England.

Dancers: Emily Dobson & Anthony Middleton
Photographer: Steve Tanner